National FGM conference

national-FGM-conferenceIntegrate Bristol was awarded a grant by the Lankelly Chase Foundation to hold a national, three stranded conference on FGM.

The young people we work with requested this conference – they researched and prepared resources, identified and invited top quality speakers and hosted the event on 14th July 2012 at the University of Bristol, School of Chemistry.

The conference took place on 14th of July and was a great success.

Conference report published

You can download it here: FGM conference report (PDF)


We would also like to acknowledge the following companies for their support of our conference:

  • sponsor-landkey
  • sponsor-oxford
  • sponsor-wesleyan
  • sponsor-mdu
  • sponsor-zed-productions

The three conference strands

Strand 1 – Medical is targeted at health professionals including doctors, midwives, nurses and medical students. Topics covered will encompass the definition and identification of FGM, complications, treatment strategies and medico-legal responsibilities including child protection issues. The programme includes lectures as well as case discussions delivered by high profile speakers. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have supported this event, and delegates will be able to apply for CPD points with the college having attended the event. Click here for the detailed programme: Medical Programme for Integrate

Strand 2 – Legal-Political is aimed at professionals such as teachers, CP officers, police and policy makers. Presentations will include information about and CP policies on FGM, failings in the current policies and procedures, projects, strategies, statistics and plans for the future. The young people also hope to compare policies in other European countries to those of the UK. Click here to see the detailed programme: Professionals Programme

Strand 3 – Young People Action will be for young people, and will focus on discussion and presentation of nationwide creative projects, campaign strategies and sharing knowledge. It will include workshops focussing on writing and creative work related to empowerment of women and girls. One of the principal aims will be to bring young people from different areas of the country together to share experiences and findings and plan together for future work. Click here for the detailed programme: Young People Action

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