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What’s included

You can download the Secondary School resource pack below which includes the following resources and content.

Everybody’s Business

Developed with young people, this is an interactive, creative and very flexible media based resource that allows young people to place FGM in the wider context of gender based violence, of ensuring that everyone feels justified in speaking out against all forms of abuse and considering how we can all play a part in ending FGM and other forms of abuse. With adaptations to the accompanying resources, the films can also be used for other areas of gender based violence such as grooming and forced marriage.

A skilled PSHE teacher could adapt the activities that accompany the media clips to use the resource in a variety of educational contexts. A young woman walks down a street, oblivious to what is going on around her.

Content: Preparatory resource, lesson plan, film (drama and interviews with young people), activity sheets.


Dilemma is an interactive, media based resource aimed at opening discussion around FGM in secondary schools. This resource was developed by young people and has been used very successfully in many school settings. Using a short film in three parts, young people and teachers are encouraged to look at the challenges faced by girls around FGM and the potential pitfalls and barriers in the reporting and safeguarding chain.

Teachers and others responsible for child protection are encouraged to consider their own reticence regarding safeguarding children and young women from harmful, cultural practices. Two friends are talking in the classroom. Asha confides in her best friend Anita who then faces a difficult dilemma.

Content: Preparatory resource, lesson plan, film (drama in three parts), powerpoint.

Hannah (Secondary School version)

This short drama with accompanying resources allows young people to explore the emotions and challenges faced by girls who may have been subjected to FGM with empathy and compassion. The resource encourages discussion around the religious, cultural and health implications of the practice. It helps young people to identify discuss negative and hurtful reactions and to consider what might be a supportive and helpful response. Above all, it ensures that all young people know how they can get help and advice around sensitive issues.

Hannah focuses teachers on some of the warning signs, particularly in girls who have just moved from primary to secondary school. At the beginning of a P.E lesson, a young girl runs away crying and hides in the toilet. Two of her friends come into the changing room and discuss her behaviour.

Content: Preparatory resource, lesson plan, film (drama), speech bubbles.

Download all resource files

Download the full Secondary School resource pack below:

  1. IB-secondary-school-dilemma-questions (PPT)
  2. IIB-secondary-school-everybodys-business (PPT)
  3. IB-secondary-school-Hannah-secondary-resource (PPT)
  4. IB-secondary-school-lesson-plan-everybodys-business (PDF)
  5. IB-secondary-school-lesson-plan-Dilemma (PDF)
  6. IB-secondary-school-lesson-plan-Hannah (PDF)

What’s included

You can download the Primary School resource pack below which includes the following resources and content.

Let’s talk about Pants!

Made in cooperation with the NSPCC and St Werburgh’s Primary school, this workshop uses a simple animation that embeds FGM into the already widely known and familiar NSPCC PANTS resource in an age appropriate and sensitive way. This resource is aimed primarily at children in years 5 and 6. This animation is intended as the first resource to introduce the topic of FGM and ensure that children know it is wrong and that nobody has the right to change their bodies.

‘Let’s talk about Pants’ is part one of a two part resource; it can be followed by ‘Hannah’ later in the school year.

Content: Preparatory resource, lesson plan, animation, speech bubbles.

Hannah (Primary School version)

This is a short drama and as an educational resource, is intended to be used in years 5 and 6 as a potential sequel to the ‘Let’s talk about PANTS’ lesson. This resource helps children understand that FGM is harmful and allows them to challenge the practice in terms of religion, health and culture. They will learn about the importance of being considerate and sensitive and will know where to go if they are concerned about a friend. The content of the film and the accompanying resources were developed in cooperation with St Werburgh’s Primary School.

During a PE lesson, Hannah runs away crying, and hides in the toilet. Two of her friends are discussing her behaviour.

Content: Short film –drama; preparatory pack, lesson plan, speech bubbles.

Download all resource files

Download the full Primary School resource pack below:

  1. IB-primary-resources-Introducing-education-around-FGM-guidance (PDF)
  2. IB-primary-resources-lesson plan-Hannah (PDF)
  3. IB-primary-resources-PANTS-FGM-animation-lesson-plan (PDF)

Between The Lines – our powerful and brave new music video about grooming for child sexual expoitation and radicalisation.

Twin Track – a short drama about grooming, gang culture and radicalisation.

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Girl Ignores Abuse – FGM Video is #EVERYBODYSBUSINESS

EveryBodysBusiness – FGM Awareness Behind the Scenes Video

Anita’s Dilemma – FGM Lesson Starter

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